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Our Mission Statement

Is To Produce Values For People at Increasingly Competitive Prices.

About Us

In 1996 i knew nothing about the internet and i didn’t know what a computer was – but i started reading business books from all the greatest tycoons in history

and i knew right away this was my passion, i read in one book about in the usa they call the boss of a business a president, and i was so amazed by it,

so i decided i would also like to be a president, so as the years went past, i new i wanted to some how learn how to use a pc and internet, and in them days buying a pc was like buying a new car, i some how ended up living in Ireland and it became my new home, as i liked it so much better than England were i grew up, and i got to know a manager of a big internet cafe in County Galway and we became really good friends, and he used to let me sit on the computers from opening time at 11am till 11pm when it closed,

plus at the time it was £5 an hour to use a internet cafe pc, and this went on for about 3 years, i learned so much, and i loved it with a passion, i learned to make websites, and HTML  codes etc, then i damaged my 2 hips in a gym by over doing it on a cross trainer, so it went undetected for years, never mind work, and i got my 2 hip replacements and learned to walk and go jogging again, and my Doctors wife who was a nurse got me a bran new pc, and she let me pay her back so much every week, and i found myself spending every moment i was awake on my pc, to were i am now with my 3 lovely websites, i never married or any kids, and i look at my websites as my children and i want them to live on forever, even now my sites keep evolving all the time in so many ways, and i love my life like never before, and the 3 sites i built as part of the wallace organization






Eugene Wallace

The President Of The Wallace Organization

In 1996 The Wallace Organization was founded and also the below writing is what gave birth for us to start our Mission because it’s Business Over Reality. During a free economy, the long-term price of any business or company is usually determined by its long-term competitive value to society,in an exceedingly free economy,that value to society is expressed within the common stock value of the corporate. The net price of any activity to society can be determined by the target worth of any individual, management, business operation, or nation. A person will use those same principles for being successful in business and for accurately predicting the long-range, common stock worth of any corporation. Most stock and commodity forecasters are mystical,indeed, such forecasters simply use their sense or feelings of the market to rationalize illusionary situations or realities of the future,to numerous degrees, those forecasters use objective news or varied technical indicators as non sequitur props to relinquish their projection a sense of validity. But any look of validity is specious. By the time most valid facts or figures become accessible for forecasting, they already are discounted in the price. Indeed, with near-excellent market potency, all close to-term prices move in unpredictable, random patterns. If a forecast seems to be right, that rightness and period of rightness are as much a coincidence as forecasting the flips of a coin. Thus, stock and commodity forecasting is usually invalid and mystical, even when promulgated by Wall Street gurus and cloaked in the jargon of technical, cyclical, and elementary analyses. Only by absolutely integrating the basis causes of values, will long term values of companies to their stockholders and society be reliably predicted. The Basic Principle that Determines the Long Range Value of a Corporation to it Stock holders and Society relies on the subsequent principle. All Honest, Long Range Profits and Societal Values Generated by Business Arise from the Mystic-Free Standards of Capitalism. By reducing that above principle to concrete examples, this document will demonstrate that in a very free economy the future values or common stock prices are ultimately determined by the extent that management implements the mystic free standards of capitalism to provide evermore competitive values for society. For investors and speculators, this information will provide a valid commonplace to predict the long vary profit growth of all businesses and their common stock values. For businessmen and executives,this will provide specific recommendations for implementing mystic free capitalistic standards so as to extend the worth of their company. The Wallace Organization Was Founded In 1996 Based mostly On The Higher Above Writing. From The President Eugene Wallace.

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